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Suspended Drivers License Attorneys In Doylestown Pa.

Non-Driving Causes for Suspension

A number of non-driving actions could also result in the suspension of a driver’s license. One such way is failing to pay child support, which results in a license suspension in all 50 states. Lack of car insurance or a valid driver's license will also result in the suspension of a driver's license in most states.

Other non-driving offenses that can end in the suspension of your driver's license are:

- Altered or unlawful use of driver's license

- Conviction for a drug-related offense

- Failure to appear in court to satisfy a summons for a moving violation or parking ticket

- Failure to pay a traffic fine, surcharge, or fee

- Juvenile delinquency

- Non-DUI alcohol/drug offenses by minors

- Truancy

- Use of altered or fictitious license plates

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