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Suspended Drivers License Attorneys In Doylestown Pa.

Suspended Driver's License Basics

It’s not a guarantee that any person will be able to drive on the road; it’s a right that has to be earned and can be revoked for violations. Many actions can lead to a license suspension, and some don’t even deal with driving itself. This can include instances such as drug charges or failure to pay child support. Various forms of conduct can result in a driver’s license being suspended, and these vary from state to state.


Driving-Related Causes for Suspension

In every state, a DUI or accumulation of countable points from traffic violations may result in a license suspension. Most states will revoke a license if a person is caught driving while their license is suspended. Implied consent laws in all states will suspend a driver’s license for failing to take a breathalyzer or similar test if asked by police.


Other driving-related offenses that can result in a driver's license being suspended are:

- Assault of another motorist, passenger, pedestrian, or bicyclist while on the highway 

- Speed contests/Drag racing

- Leaving the scene of an accident

- Reckless driving

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