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Suspended Drivers License Attorneys In Doylestown Pa.

Notice of a Suspended Driver's License

Prior to any suspension, a note will usually be sent by the court informing the driver of their suspension and if they have any options to avoid the suspension After the license has been suspended, the diver will receive notice from the Department of Transportation’s office notifying them that their driving privileges have been temporarily suspended or revoked.


Suspension notices will usually contain the following:

- Effective date of suspension

- List of offenses that led to the suspension (including date, case number, etc.)

- Name, address, driver's license number, and other identifying data

- Official statement that license has been suspended

- Termination date of suspension

- Information on how to have the licenses reinstated, if possible.


Find Legal Help

Trying to fix a ticket, driver’s license suspension or a revocation can be unnecessarily complicated and frustrating. A lawyer experienced in motor vehicle laws can help resolve issues that arise in these cases.

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