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Unemployment Compensation

What is Unemployment Compensation and am I eligible?

- Unemployment Compensation (UC) is the temporary income that offers earnings in case if you have lost your job through no fault of your own. The amount you receive will be for a limited period of time. To be eligible for benefits, you need to fulfill the criteria of PA unemployment eligibility, an individual must be an employee who has executed the service expected by the UC Law and he should be eligible to work. A person may even be eligible for partial benefits if they are only a part-time worker. However, the law in Pennsylvania requires all benefit recipients to be available to work and actively searching for a job.


How do I apply for Unemployment Compensation benefits in the state Pennsylvania?

- It is important to be familiar with how and when you must file the claim for Unemployment Compensation Benefits. Initial Unemployment Compensation applications for benefits can be filed online via Internet or through the Pennsylvania Tele-claims (PAT) service centers. You may visit the Pennsylvania Unemployment website which is the best way to file your Unemployment Claim. This service is available 24 hours a day, seven day a week.


Is it possible for me to get unemployment compensation benefits if I am fired from a company?

- If you were fired from the company on the basis that the job was not suitable for your position, or if you were terminated because the company has reduced their production or is making layoffs, you may be qualified for unemployment benefits. If you are fired on the basis of misconduct then you may not be eligible for unemployment compensation.


If I resigned from my job am I eligible for benefits?

- In most of the cases, if you quit a job on your own, you will not eligible for the compensation. But in some rare cases, you can still collect the benefit if you have left the job for good cause. Good cause can include unsafe working conditions, not being paid, unexpected change in your job duties, discrimination, health and safety risks, or some type of family emergency situations.

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