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At Repko Law, LLC, our unemployment compensation attorneys represent employees in unemployment benefit disputes. From unemployment applications and appealing benefit denials to representing individuals before an unemployment compensation Referee, our knowledgeable and experienced attorneys are here to help you determine your rights and the options available to you. So if you have lost your job and have been denied unemployment compensation benefits, or if you think that you should be receiving more benefits, the attorneys of Repko Law, LLC will help you understand your rights and will fight to get you the benefits you deserve. We can even help you determine if you have a claim for wrongful discharge or discrimination based on age, gender, disability, national origin, religion, race and/or pregnancy.



At Repko Law, LLC, our attorneys also represent employers. Our staff of attorneys can evaluate any claims made by an employee against their employer to help determine if the termination was appropriate, due to a willful misconduct, or if an employee voluntarily quit, all of which will help employers determine whether benefits must be paid. We are also here to represent employers at all stages of the unemployment compensation process, including appeal hearings before a Referee.


So if you are an employee that needs benefits or are seeking to have benefits reinstated, or if you are an employer facing an unemployment claim by a former employee, the attorneys at Repko Law, LLC can help you navigate the unemployment process, analyze your case and represent you at hearings to protect your interests and get you the justice you deserve. So if you are facing unemployment claims or need help with the unemployment process, call the attorney’s at Repko Law, LLC so that we can help.



Unemployment Compensation Professionals

Robert T. Repko, Esq.

Mitchell H. Baylarian, Esq.

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For an unemployment compensation attorney who will listen to your concerns and evaluate your claim, contact Repko Law, LLC at 215-348-9500 and schedule your FREE initial consultation.

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