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Dividing Marital Property in PA

Are you pursuing a divorce in Bucks County or Montgomery County? In the state of Pennsylvania, the divorce statutes mandate an equitable distribution of property in which your assets and debts are fairly divided. At Repko Law, LLC, our experienced family law attorneys have prepared clients for the negotiation and litigation of the equitable distribution of their marital estate – a matter that tends to be among the most difficult in a divorce. Regardless of whether your case is a high-asset value divorce or not, our lawyers are highly qualified to represent you and help resolve your property division issues.

How a Divorce Attorney Can Help with Your Property Division

Therefore, it is important to engage professional representation to assist with the division of your marital property.

For divorce proceedings in Bucks County and Montgomery County, the division of property is required to finalize a divorce settlement. If you and your spouse have not signed a prenuptial agreement, a post-nuptial agreement or other form of asset protection, the equitable distribution of property will be handled either by the Court or by negotiating a resolution through your attorney. The attorneys at Repko Law, LLC, take a practical and compassionate approach to property division, helping to protect your interests in all divorce matters.

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