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Experienced Civil Litigation Attorneys In Doylestown Pa.

Tipping the scale in your favor…

If you are facing a legal dispute, one of the most important decisions you will make is which law firm you will choose for representation. The law firm of Repko Law, LLC maintains a successful track record in matters of civil litigation, as well as a solid reputation as formidable opponents whether in the courtroom or across the conference table.​


With extensive courtroom experience representing plaintiffs and defendants, our trial attorneys have a successful track record of handling a wide range of civil disputes involving property damage, bad faith, contract disputes, collections matters, unjust enrichment, fraud and more. Repko Law, LLC also assists clients through alternative dispute resolutions such as arbitration and mediation.

Through diligent preparation and skilled negotiations, the civil litigation attorneys at Repko Law, LLC will provide practical, yet aggressive, results-oriented representation to achieve the best possible result for each individual client from the beginning of the case through its conclusion.

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Breach of Contract

Unfair Trade Practices


Unjust Enrichment


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