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Domestic Violence Attorneys In Doylestown Pa.

Any pattern of abuse that is used by one partner to take control over the other is classified as domestic violence by the United States Department of Justice Office on Violence Against Women

Protective Orders

A Protective Order, which is called a “Protection From Abuse Order” in Pennsylvania and commonly referred to as a “restraining order” in other jurisdictions, is an Order that Courts can impose to restrict the physically abusive behavior of one person toward another.  Sometimes such Orders prohibit only the physically abusive conduct that led a victim to request such an Order be entered.  Other times these Orders can prohibit an abuser from having any contact with the victim at all.  Once entered, a Protection from Abuse Order in Pennsylvania can last to 3 years and the penalty for violating the Order can include imprisonment for up to 6 months.  There is also a popular myth that only spouses can get such protective orders against an abusive spouse.  But that is not true as many states allow for emergency protective orders for partners, relatives, or roommates of an abuser.

Get Help

Because domestic violence can often be a life-threatening crime, victims should always contact their local law enforcement agency to make a report.  Many communities also have agencies and “help-lines” that help provide resources to victims of abuse.  Victims of abuse should also seek out professional and legal help, especially to discuss whether they are eligible for a Protective Order.  So if your or anyone you know is, or may be, the victim of abuse, know that the lawyers and attorneys at Repko Law, LLC stand ready to help when you need us.


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