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Grandparents and Third-Party Custody Rights in PA

Obtaining Custodial Rights to Your Grandchildren

At Repko Law, LLC, and in the state of Pennsylvania, the relationship between a grandparent and his or her grandchild is held in high regard. It is an important bond that can play a significant role in ensuring the best interests of a child, including in the unfortunate instances of divorce, neglect, abuse, or death of a child’s parent. In some cases, these interests even exist between children and un-related third-parties. The family law attorneys at Repko Law, LLC, who serve Bucks County and Montgomery County, PA, understand how complex grandparent and third-party visitation and custody rights can be and are available to assist you through this emotional time by helping you reach a fair custody agreement, as well as stand ready to fight for your rights if your matter requires court intervention.

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