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Joining a Support Group For Drug Addiction

Many people find support groups to be a helpful way of dealing with addiction and holding themselves accountable during tough times. In a support group, members meet regularly and work together to overcome their weaknesses, share their strengths, and fight addiction in themselves or in family members, often through step-by-step recovery systems. While there are many different types of support groups for drug and alcohol addiction, the below is a short list of some popular programs.

· Alcoholism Recovery: Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

Run by those who have struggled with alcohol addiction themselves, Alcoholics Anonymous teaches members how to achieve long-term sobriety through a 12-step process that provides knowledge and support for those recovering from alcohol addiction.

· Families and Friends: Al-Anon & Alateen

Al-Anon and Alateen are programs that help families and friends manage or recover from the effects of someone close to them struggling with alcoholism. Through both in-person and virtual meetings, members discuss their experiences and apply Al-Anon principles to encourage positive change.

A nonprofit network of anonymous support groups, SOS helps members deal with drug, alcohol and food addiction. Local programs in the network use the SOS principles to encourage abstinence and rational thinking along the path to sobriety.

· Females: Women for Sobriety (WFS)

Aimed specifically at helping women recover from alcohol and drug addiction, Women for Sobriety’s New Life Program follows the Thirteen Acceptance Statements to encourage emotional and spiritual growth in its members. In addition to in-person meetings, WFS runs a 24/7 online community and hosts weekly online chats.

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