Traffic Violations

At Repko Law, LLC, we know that the only contact most people will ever have with the police is a traffic violation. We also know how serious those violations can be and how they can affect your driving record, insurance rates, and sometimes your livelihood. We are especially sensitive to the fact that such violations can lead to your license being suspended, revoked and, in the most extreme situations, being incarcerated. At Repko Law, LLC we have an experienced team who is ready to help you make the right decisions to protect your license, your job and your freedom. With more than 25 years of combined experience representing both individuals and commercial (CDL) drivers navigate the traffic court system, we have helped countless people obtain favorable results through aggressive representation in Court and effective negotiations with law enforcement.

At Repko Law, LLC our experienced attorneys work hard to have the traffic offenses dismissed and/or the penalties reduced. So if you have been charged with a moving violation such as speeding, driving with a suspended or revoked license, driving without insurance, a stoplight/stop sign violation, license suspension, careless and reckless driving, or a school zone or bus violation, call Repko Law, LLC right away before paying the fine, and before pleading guilty, so that we can help.

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