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The family law attorneys at Repko Law, LLC understand that when a marriage or relationship ends in divorce, one of the most critical issues to resolve is child custody. Our goal in every case is to ease your stress and minimize the detrimental impact of a custody battle over your child while providing expert legal guidance and representation throughout the entire child custody process. Our custody attorneys service the areas of Doylestown, Newtown and surrounding areas in Bucks County.

There are two types of child custody after a divorce: legal custody and physical custody.

Legal Child Custody grants a parent legal authority to make major decisions for the child including, but not limited to, those decisions affecting the child’s upbringing, education, medical care and religion. Legal custody attorney options include:

  • Sole Legal Custodyone parent who has the legal authority to make major decisions on behalf of the child including decisions regarding education, religion, and health care.
  • Joint Legal Custodyboth parents have equal legal authority to make major decisions for the child.

Physical Child Custody is the actual physical possession and control of a child.

Types of physical custody include:

  • Primary Physical Custodythe child physically resides with one parent at one location the majority of the time.
  • Joint or Shared Physical Custodyboth parents have approximately equalperiods of custodial time with the child including overnights.
  • Partial Physical Custody: the non-custodial parent spends less than 50% of time with the child.
  • Sole Physical Custody: the child physically resides at one location with one parent and physical custody is not shared with the other parent.
  • Visitationallows the non-custodial parent to have adequate time with the child on a regular basis, supervised or unsupervised.
  • Grandparent Visitation

Whether you are initiating the child custody process, need to modify or enforce an existing arrangement or have had someone start custody proceedings against you, the child custody lawyers at Repko Law, LLC will work closely with you to structure creative, practical solutions that achieve your goals while protecting both your parental rights and the best interests of your child.

  • Child Custody & Visitation Agreements
  • Modifications in Custody Court Orders
  • Child Custody Mediation
  • Grandparent and Stepparent Custody Rights
  • Child Custody Litigation
  • Contempt of Child Custody Agreements

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